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At Patika Pets our core value is that pets are family and deserve the same quality product we would use on ourselves

To that end, we develop products combining the latest innovations from clean beauty and the balancing philosophy of herbal medicine. 

No sulfates, parabens or detergents means our cleansers will never strip your pets skin or coat of protective oils or biome. Micro encapsulated ceramides nourish the skin and deliver herbal therapy which remains to soothe and heal even after the dirt is rinsed away. 

Restoring balance is the underlying goal of herbal medicine. Our herbs are chosen for their specific and synergistic action to benefit the skin—ridding it of damaging forces like heat, inflammation and irritation and encouraging healing and the production of healthy skin and hair. 

We achieve all this while retaining Leaping Bunny certification, the most stringent cruelty-free labeling that few products meet. No animal testing has been done on ANY of the ingredients in Patika Pets cleansers, assuring that your pets life is not improved at the expense of others. 

All Patika Pets products are cruelty free, pH balanced for animals, and contain no sulfates, parabens, dyes or fragrances.